High Quality, Consistency,  and On Time Delivery are more than marketing catch phrases. They are our Philosophy. At Spectragraphic®, Inc. we take great pride in our ability to reproduce high quality printed products. We obtain these high levels through our commitment to blending state of the art equipment and personnell. From this philosophy comes the bi product of high quality, consistently, efficiently.

1. Controlled Environment:

a. Computer Controlled Temperature and Humidity:

Regulated to press manufacturer and paper industry standards. This allows for less paper distortion to enhance registration and Dot Gain.

2. Controlled Chemistry:

a. Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment:

Perfectly regulated water by removing all ground water contaminates and neutralizing PH.

b. Blending Unit:

Blends the exact amount of water and chemistry to reach a specific PH and Conductivity.

c. Chemistry holding tank:

Mixed chemistry is monitored prior to use.

3. Controlled Platemaking:

a. Computer to plate imaging:

Allows for precise dot reproduction, perfect imposition and registration. Calibrated exclusively to our presses

b. Computer Plate Scanner:

Scans the imaged plate off line, stores digital ink profiles on disk used to preset the ink fountains during start up.

4. Controlled Color:

a. Only high quality materials are used that comply with our strict standards.

b. Individually temperature controlled ink rollers:

Each monitored by IR sensors. Chilled water is pumped thru these rollers and the sensors continuously measure and adjust to maintain constant temperature of the ink film. This enhances dot quality and minimizes color variation.

c. Sheet Scanner:

Approved press sheets are electronically scanned for Ink density and dot gain. Random sheets are pulled, scanned, and compared as we progress into the run.

d. Delta Dampening System:

Constant contact with the plate surface. Automatically removing hickeys from paper debris

e. Automatic Blanket Wash System:

Easy access results with frequent washes and prevents ink build up and color variance.