High Resolution Scanning

Spectragraphic®, Inc. has long been a respected leader in the field of high resolution drum scanning. A pioneer of 'direct laser' scanning in the early 1970's, Spectragraphic®, Inc. maintains a fully equipped color studio utilizing the very latest drum scanners. Our highly trained professional staff are capable of handling input originals of up to 20" X 25", and film output of up to 30" X 44".

These capabilities, combined with the ability to write data in a variety of file formats, to all types of removeable media; or to transmit that data electronically, allows Spectragraphic®, Inc. to exceed any job requirement.

Scanning Formats:

  • DCS
  • EPSF
  • Scitex CT
  • Lab TIFF
  • Grayscale TIFF
  • Bitmap TIFF

Color Management

The science of accurate color reproduction is the foundation upon which Spectragraphic®, Inc. has built its reputation. Our trained color professionals, combine their years of experience with the latest in technology.

Every graphic project can benefit from a production environment equipped with progressive color management systems which produce quality results.

The ultimate expression of quality is a performance of uncompromising precision. This is achieved with System Spectra®, a complete press profiling color control system, developed by Spectragraphic®, Inc. to ensure that previously approved color standards are consistently matched on the final printed product.

System Spectra® provides the correct aim points to predictably measure and adjust for perfect color reproduction. The results are faster press make-ready times, less paper waste and an improved color reproduction consistency throughout the press run.

In conjunction with System Spectra®, all other segments of manufacturing maintain specific quality control aim points, designed to predict the results for each particular press, paper and ink characteristic of the final print run. Press sheets are consistently monitored throughout the press run, via a sheet scanner which checks for color consistency and quality.

Spectragraphic®, Inc. endeavors to make your printed image look better than the original. Our Quality Control Personnel, many of whom have multiple years of scanning experience, evaluate the characteristics of each original to be scanned. Technical factors are thoroughly controlled by seasoned craftspeople who possess a thorough knowledge of the printing trade. Our color workstations utilize the most pre-eminent software currently available, combined with the most efficient image data processing equipment.

Data Transmission Services

Connectivity and Communication are the 'lynchpins' of the digital age. At Spectragraphic®, Inc., high speed Digital Transmission Services enable clients to send and receive files anywhere in the world. A Spectragraphic®, Inc. representative will advise you as to a format for your high speed data transmission needs.

At Spectragraphic®, Inc. we have been using several telecommunication methods to transport electronic files to and from our clients. To simplify these procedures, Spectragraphic®, Inc. has installed two T1 lines directly to the internet. This gives Spectragraphic®, Inc. outstanding speed in both uploading and downloading files to the internet, and since most of our clients are already connected to the internet, it provides them with an inexpensive link to Spectragraphic®, Inc.