Spectragraphic®, Inc. provides you with an addition to conventional sheetfed printing, offering you flexibility, time savings, and the added value of variable data, to your printed product.

Advantages Over Traditional Printing

Save Time:

Pre-Press and make ready time on digital printing equipment is less than that on traditional equipment.


Digital printing creates opportunities for customized/personalized communication to your clients. Jobs requiring versioning, reprints, or revisions are ideal for digital printing.

Publications and Books

One of the fastest growing segments of digital printing is short run print-on-demand book and publication printing. Digital book publishing eliminates situations where a book is out of stock or print and allows inventories to remain at a low level. Efficiency is increased and turnaround time is greatly improved. Large volumes no longer have to be printed to become profitable. New titles can be test marketed at reduced costs, it is just as easy to print 10 copies as it is to print 1,000. Regional publications can be kept in print longer. Digital on-demand book publishing allows customers to be reached anywhere in the world.


Relevant text and imagery can be incorporated into a printed document using variable data technology yielding results far superior to static traditional print.

The following are specific measures of effectiveness proven in case studies:

  • Higher response rates
  • Faster response times
  • Higher average order value
  • Higher participation rates

Decreased Costs

Print On Demand can provide considerable cost savings in the following ways:

  • Less Waste
  • Only the content the recipient needs is printed
  • Reduced postage by additional postage sorts
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Reduced pick and pack labor costs
  • To market before your competition

Transactional Documents

Transactional documents - such as billing statements - have traditionally been produced en masse - in black and white - using mainframe "line mode" data. Not much thought was given to the appeal of the document. Production and distribution of the document was considered a cost rather than an opportunity.

Today, companies are data mining to sort through those same databases to pick out customers who are targets for specific promotions based on their history and buying habits. Armed with this customer intelligence, companies produce sales-generating hybrid communications - statements and invoices that function as marketing tools - with colorful graphs and charts and customer-specific marketing content.


Postcards achieve almost a 100% readership and have an impressive ROI. Postcards keep your name in front of customers, are informative and generate sales. Spectragraphic®, Inc. digital printing technology can help you customize your postcards to achieve greater response and sales.

Using Spectragraphic®, Inc. Print On Demand you can now order postcards when you need them with time critical information.

  • Improve marketing flexibility to build brand loyalty
  • Simplify, personalize and customize content
  • Improve speed to market
  • Reduce obsolescence
  • 1 to 1 Marketing

Marketing is an important tool in achieving success of your business. With variable data printing, we can customize your printed material so it attracts the attention of your potential market and increase your return on investment.

This will allow you to reach your customers on a more personal level, improving communication and interaction. This is a method in which information within a document can be edited and modified according to the specific marketing campaign for each of the target clients. Companies are now able to set their promotional materials to target customer needs and tastes.