Long acknowledged as a pioneer in the area of digital asset management;

Spectragraphic®, Inc. has developed a number of archiving solutions. However, image storage is only part of the puzzle. Equally important is the method used to catalog and retrieve those images, both quickly and economically, for the repurposing of data.

A Spectragraphic®, Inc. representative can help you develop a system of archiving, cataloging and retrieving images, that will satisfy any requirement. Spectragraphic®, Inc. maintains over 3 Terabytes of 'on-line' storage and over 30 Terabytes of 'archiving space'. These capabilties enable Spectragraphic®, Inc. to customize an archiving solution that will suit your every need.


image vault


ImageVault® allows the user 24/7 access to their digital library over a secure web connection from anywhere in the world. The process is simple, fast and secure. Customers can browse Spectragraphic®, Inc. ImageVault® for their archived files, download images for retouching or layout and upload finished documents for output. This service eliminates both the inefficiencies and costs of express carriers, allows for file sharing, and greatly speeds production time.

Instant Access

Clients have instant access to both high and low resolution images in the same manner as if they were housed in their own facility.


Editors, Art Directors, and Designers can access the same files from any remote location reducing turnaround time. Clients can preview composed PDF, Quark, and InDesign files simultaneously for easy review. Files can be downloaded and printed for a hard proof if needed. Soft proofing is available at the pixel level for online color markup, from one or multiple locations.


Powerful image conversion tools give clients the ability to manipulate their valuable digital assets in infinite ways. Final projects are automatically available for website content, keeping your print and web base branding consistent. Images are automatically generated for the web in .gif and .jpeg file formats.


  • Clients access assets through a password protected website, customized to match their corporate identity.
  • Each individual user has different access rights.
  • ImageVault® automatically maintains a complete history of all asset activity, making it easy to automate billing.
  • Any changes made to digital assets are automatically logged without the need of user or operator intervention.
  • Provides automatic localization in numerous languages including, but not limited to, English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and traditional Chinese.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

ImageVault® is ‘backed up’ every 2 hours at our New York facility, to guard against any loss of data. In addition, a second backup is then generated and sent to our Boston facility to ensure instant recovery in the event of a disaster.


ImageVault® reduces client costs, by archiving all past and present images. There is no need to deploy an ‘on site’ archiving system, when all current and archived assets are accessible from one point of access.


Clients can customize data fields into templates for organizing and tracking specific data. Fields can include infomation such as job numbers, copyright/usage information, photographer, artist, etc. Metadata can be either downloaded or uploaded for use in job tracking or accounting applications.

Triggers and Actions

When a Metadata value changes per a pre-established rule, the database will then trigger an action or group of actions.

  • Create a deadline for approval or printing
  • Send e-mail notifications
  • Move files to new locations
  • Generate proofs
  • Create output files
  • Archive jobs

User Interface

Sites can choose from preset styles of user interface or create their own style. The look, feel and functionality of ImageVault® can be adjusted to suit each clients unique requirements. Corporate logos and HTML frames can be easily added to enhance the interface.