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Spectragraphic®, Inc., becomes a ‘Master Printer’.
March 2012.
Spectragraphic®, Inc., is pleased to announce that it is now G.7 certified as a ‘Master Printer’. This qualification allows Spectragraphic®, Inc., to join an elite of printers, recognized internationally by Fortune 500 companies for Quality and Reliability.

Spectragraphic®, Inc., Converts to Natural Gas.
August 2010
In an effort to relinquish dependency on foreign oil and become more environmentally conscious, Spectragraphic®, Inc., has converted from Oil heat to Natural Gas.

Spectragraphic®, Inc., installs new folder.
July 2009
Spectragraphic®, Inc., is please to announce the installation of a new high-speed folder to enhance in-house bindery capacity.

Spectragraphic®, Inc. adds on-line PDF Pre-Flight
December 5th 2008
Spectragraphic®, Inc. now gives
customers an on-line pdf pre-flight
service, with droplet capabilities
from desktop to work flow.

Spectragraphic®, Inc. adds Shrink Wrapping
October 16th 2008
Spectragraphic®, Inc. announces the
addition of in-house shrink wrapping
to our rapidly expanding Sheetfed
and Digital printing departments.

Spectragraphic®, Inc. adds Expanded Bindery Techniques
June 25th 2008
Spectragraphic®, Inc. expands its
Bindery operations to increase the
capability of both Wire O and Spiral
Binding in its Digital division.

Spectragraphic®, Inc. adds U/V Coating
January 15th 2008
Spectragraphic®, Inc.adds off-line
U/V coating capability to it's finishing
operations. This added feature will
enhance both sheetfed and digital

Spectragraphic®, Inc., goes ‘GREEN’
July 2007
Spectragraphic®, Inc. becomes one of the first companies in the metropolitan New York area to receive an F.S.C. certification.

Spectragraphic®, Inc. adds Perfect Binding
March 20th 2007
Spectragraphic®, Inc. adds Perfect Binding to enhance short-run digital print capability.

Spectragraphic®, Inc. adds In-house mailing
January 10th 2007
Spectragraphic®, Inc. add an In-house mailing capability to enhance both offset and digital print work.

Spectragraphic®, Inc. adds XMPie Software
November 20th 2006
Spectragraphic®, Inc. adds XMPie Software to expand Variable Data capabilities and enhance short-run digital print work.

Spectragraphic®, Inc. adds new Busch Pile Turner
August 25th 2006
Spectragraphic®, Inc. adds new Busch Pile Turner to supplement its 40” Sheet Fed Capacity, promising to improve Bindery Accuracy and Press Efficiency by reducing Turnaround Time.

Spectragraphic®, Inc. Adds EFI Color Proof XF
August 20th 2006
Spectragraphic®, Inc. has added EFI Color Proof XF to control it’s Ink Jet Proofing both in N.Y. and Boston Plants. The newly combined EFI and Best Color software allows for even closer color profiling, to the final printing condition.

Spectragraphic®, Inc. Adds Finishing Equipment to Complement Digital Press Capability
Commack, NY April 1st, 2006 - Spectragraphic®, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of several new pieces of finishing equipment which will help meet our client's demanding deadlines.

Duplo DC-645 - Giving us the power to slit, score, perf, and trim in-line.

Fold Master - The flexibility to produce folds, tri-folds, and z-folds

Italdibipack - Shrink wrap unit to provide more convenient easy to handle bundles.

Spectragraphic®, Inc. can now turnaround those last minute postcards, flyers, tri-folds, and brochures overnight.

Spectragraphic®, Inc. Adds High Quality, Short Run, Variable Data, Digital Capability
Commack, NY October 1st, 2005 – Spectragraphic®, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of a Xerox I-Gen3 Digital Press.

Spectragraphic®, Inc is now able to offer clients speeds of up to 110 pages per minute for finished product; printed folded and bound. This type of productivity can be accomplished for a wide range of printed materials including personalized direct mail, transactional, brochures, newsletters, invitations and much more – all a a vastly reduced turnaround times.

Calibrated to commercial printing specifications, Spectragraphic®, Inc's new I-Gen3 Digital Press offers the same high quality that clients have come to expect from our regular sheetfed division.

Our short-run, variable data printing capability offers clients greater flexibility, with all their printed materials, with savings on run length, production time, fulfillment and postage. Clients can now continually look for new ways to position their companies in todays competitive marketplace.

To find out how to increase your company's growth, please contact Spectragraphic, Inc. at

For over a thousand years, paper has been a fundamental part of everyday life, from newspapers to magazines, books and stationery. Today there are almost as many types of paper as there are uses for it. Even in this ‘paperless’ age, our paper consumption is increasing - but at what cost?

From the forest to the end-user, Spectragraphic Inc. will work with you to ensure the availability of this vital natural resource for generations to come. For more information, click on the FSC logo.

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